Are you a 501(c)3 that needs help fundraising at your beach cleanup events?


My name is Joe Nation, I am the founder of Charity Pants,
a video production company, creating content to spread awareness of nonprofits! I recently created Free.The.Wave, eco-aware jewelry, to help non-profits fundraise at their beach cleanup events!
We are offering nonprofit affiliates $3 for every item sold on!

Free.The.Wave sells bracelets and necklaces with pendants that contain sand and plastic waste from beaches around the world, collected by people who do their own beach cleanups! We also sell "Do-It-Yourself" pendants called the "BEACH CLEANUP CHALLENGE" to inspire people to do their own beach cleanup and create their own pendant that signifies their impact in the world!


Option 1: Become an Affiliate and promote your affiliate link on your website / social media and you will receive $3 for every sale on our website!

Option 2:  We offer our jewelry at a discount for organizations to sell at their beach cleanup events.
We sell in quantities of 50/100/200+ and you can set your own resale price!
Any items left over, you can sell at your next event!

The Interactive Beach Cleanup Map!

When someone orders their pendant with your affiliate link, they will get a unique code that will link them to your specific beach clean up event on our Interactive Beach Cleanup Map! Attendees will have the ability to upload photos and comments about their experience at your cleanup event and share it on social media!

Our purpose of this project is to connect a community of people who are passionate about keeping our ocean clean! Free.The.Wave is creating a visual of representation of the impact people are making around the world!

Interested or have any question? Email us at:

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